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How do I stream to a Flash Client from Helix Server?

Streaming Content from Helix Server v14 to Flash Clients

Helix Server streams Flash content (FLV and F4V) to supported Flash clients. It can also stream MPEG-4 or 3GPP (Mobile Server Only) content to Flash clients using AAC audio codec and the H.264 video codec.

On-demand Flash content must be placed under a Helix Server folder other than the default content mount point (“/”). For example, use the predefined mount point /flash/ in the Content folder or create a custom mount point to store the content.

Example URL's for On Demand Content

rtmp://helixserver.example.com/3gp/Riders-h264.3gp (Mobile Server Only)

Multi-rate non-Flash content
http:// helixserver.example.com/flashgen/sports.3gp (Mobile Server Only)

Live broadcasts can be streamed to Flash clients in the MPEG-4 or 3GPP (Mobile Server Only) formats using AAC audio codec and the H.264 video codec.

Example URL's for Live Content

rtmp://helixserver.example.com/rtmplive/broadcast/live.3gp (Mobile Server Only)

Multi-rate Content
http:// helixserver.example.com/flashgen/rtmplive/broadcast/live.mp4
http:// helixserver.example.com/flashgen/rtpencoder/live.sdp
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